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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Beast's Love

Reliving my vision from Africa

As I work on a story for my Courage Quest book I thought back to that amazing African adventure – my first trip to uncover fear and conquer. The ultimate trip in my mind, and probably in my life, I now view it as a harried high tech worker who escaped her environment to risk and move forward in life.

The defining moment of my trip was not what you’d expect. Our group had moved ahead on an inexpensive safari, rolling over the plains in a simple dilapidated jeep, hunting wildlife. Not with guns, but with our senses to see our prized animal, the majestic king of Africa, the lion.

Although ill from multiple diseases I had been exposed to on this journey and a horrendous ache in the mouth resulting from an infected crown that crumbled—it released infection and pain from my gums, but I was surprisingly exhilarated as we approached two wheat colored lions.

I aimed my small compact camera at the lioness and her prospective mate – perched atop a barren waste hill in Masai Mara. These animals were adorned with muscular bodies; a male with his flowing mane surrounded his pink tongue that continue to lick, satisfying his female, she reciprocated, as our small group watched from afar.

It was an ultimate moment to capture obedience, dominance, the courtship that would establish a commitment for life – the pairing of a two.

As they settled on their hunches facing each other, on this barren earth, they seemed oblivious to the small observers below; I attempted to capture this perfect photograph.
My darn camera jammed due to all the silt flowing into the open vehicle as we drove to find, explore, and adore these revered creatures. I finally recovered from dismay, distraught at missing a pinnacle of my photographic desire for a remembrance of this adventure. From that day forward, I grew to understand something fundamental about how we enjoy life. I would etch in my mind and senses all that was special to me, never again to lose the “instrument's record.”

I acknowledge the gift to be “present” with all your senses. Sometimes I forget, sometimes I just can’t. But, the driving force behind what I once missed helps me to connect to who, where I am, be ever happy, joyful for what I have and can see. This knowledge dissolves into the essence of ME.

As I’ve deal with relationships I remember this vision – the lion and his mistress, their connection for a lifetime, forever recorded in my mind, senses and soul.

Possibly they are smarter, more attuned to Mother Nature, than we. They communicate, live life, have a family, until one is dead without a written commitment from the other or a prenuptial, just knowing each will be there for support while together and BE.  How is that possible when they are inferior to humans?

Such a joy, I learned on that savannah, that hot day in Africa.

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